Win a Garden Supper!

Win a Garden Supper!

Drop me an email or post a comment to be entered into the GH Summer Sweepstakes. Two lucky winners will enjoy a Garden Supper catered by and featuring homegrown vegetables from Groundhog Hill!

I’m thinking the suppers will in August. All depends on the garden, how the summer progresses, etc.

Here’s a Possible Menu….let me know what you think!

*Fresh Tomato & Basil Salad
*Fresh Green Beans
*Yellow Squash Casserole
*Grilled Groundhog
*Paula’s Hot Biscuits
*A Refreshing Glass of Chicha Morada made from Purple Corn

Spit-roasted Guinea Pig in Peru...should work for Groundhog, yes?!

Spit-roasted Guinea Pig in Peru…should work for Groundhog, yes?!

More info to come….

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