Year 3, Column 11: Garden of Zinnia(Fest)

2nd Annual ZinniaFest!

2nd Annual ZinniaFest!

Good friends like Penny McDowell-Cecil help celebrate the 1st Annual ZinniaFest...

Good friends like Penny McDowell-Cecil help celebrate the 1st Annual ZinniaFest…

The happiest day of the year draws near: ZinniaFest.

Next to Arbor Day, is there no more of a glorious holiday than the one that approacheth this weekend?

The 2nd Annual ZinniaFest is set for Saturday, July 26th. Grab your gardening scissors and a bucket of water and come on out to Groundhog Hill and cut a bouquet for your Sunday lunch table.

The other morning, I took a break from weedeating the zinnias and envisioned this year’s celebration: Hot Air Balloon Rides (from which to view the complicated design of this year’s garden!), Archery Contests (in which to thin the abundant population of rabbits at Groundhog Hill!), and Sack Races (to educated people under 40 what Burlap looks and feels like!).

Plus, I hope to have my sister Paula and her husband John firing up the firepit and roasting some delicious groundhog and wild turkey and possibly, some purple corn. Bring your own bib.

Also, I am hoping Mother of the Year Wilma McDowell will be there giving out unsolicited advice and nagging people to get a proper haircut. Gordon will be in the dunking tank.

In a perfect world, I would also have a sign-up list available for anyone interested in taking a Shift to Guard the Purple Corn from the local critters as it nears picking time. Shifts available incude 11 PM – 1 AM; 1 AM – 3 AM and 3 AM – 5 AM. The last shift gets a free cup of coffee at Paula’s (Note-to-Self: double-check with Paula before Saturday).

Hopefully, I can get The Herald News to spring for a few pairs of Night Vision Goggles.

Then again, it could just be me and Dad sitting by a pickup truck with a pitcher of Iced Tea (with complimentary homegrown Mint!). Dad will be signing copies of his book, Mary Brooks: Portrait of a Kentucky Pioneer, Granny Woman, Family Matriarch. I will be selling them ($20 bucks!). Zinnias are with my compliments, though. Just don’t go crazy with the cuttin’.

Deep purples, Hot pinks, Fiery reds, Sunny yellows, and Bright oranges highlight this year’s zinnia crop. We’ve been enjoying them at the house for a few weeks now. Hope you’ll like them, too.

Hope to see you Saturday from 10 – Noon at Groundhog Hill. As always, rain will cancel the event as the hill gets pretty muddy pretty quickly and is difficult for most vehicles to traverse.

More later.

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2 Responses to Year 3, Column 11: Garden of Zinnia(Fest)

  1. wendy says:

    Where is groundhog hill??

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