Four Weeks Until Spring…..

The Garden at GroundHog Hill on Feb. 19th...super muddy!

The Garden at GroundHog Hill on Feb. 19th…super muddy!

Spring Awakening at Groundhog Hill this week after six weeks of Wintry Weather filled with Arctic Blasts of cold temperatures and several inches of wonderful Snow all of which are welcome because they combine to kill the bugs and prep the garden for renewal in just a few more weeks time.

Truth be told, the hill is too muddy to traverse but my Dad’s Chevy truck handled the tricky terrain pretty well, however, I could have gotten stuck quite easily and might still be there blogging urgent calls for assistance!

I walked the perimeter of the garden hoping to discover a pair of lost sunglasses which I had dropped last fall while dead-heading zinnias. No sight of them, though. Perhaps, they are elsewhere. ‘Tis a mystery.

No sight of critters. Lots of uneaten, blackened walnuts on the ground, though. Hello, Squirrels: Pick those up, please!

Stopped by Lee’s Garden Center and visited with pals Robin and Scotty Lee who already have tomato plants growing gangbusters in the greenhouse. We discussed Cheddar Cauliflower, a hybrid variety gaining in popularity and heading to supermarket near you.


Meanwhile, there are a mere 4 weeks of Winter remaining before Spring arrives in earnest bringing lots of sunshine and breezy days.

Lots to do until then: germinate some seeds in some Mason Jars, buy some seed potatoes, turn the damn compost, etc.

More later from Groundhog Hill….

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