West Coast Edition, Part II: Surf’s Up on Santa Monica Beach

Pre-Surf on Ocean Park beach in Santa Monica.

Pre-Surf on Ocean Park beach in Santa Monica.

Thoughts of Groundhog Hill are far from my mind as I have been surfing and surfing and surfing. The water has been fine and the waves have been aplenty. September is the best month to surf and sometimes, October is even better!

Even from the beach, though, I wonder to myself, “How is the garden?” What is still standing? Has there been a frost yet? Have I been gone too long? And, will there be anything left to either pick (pumpkin) or dead-head (zinnia) upon my return?”

Then, I lay back, stretch out my sore back, and take another nap on the beach in between surf sets….Life is good. Did I mention the dolphins who swim by in packs? Pretty great.

I may have traded groundhogs for seagulls. A farmer’s tan for a surfer’s tan. Life may very well be best lived in Board Shorts!

Santa Monica is wonderful, and yet, it’s not The Garden Spot of the Universe. I hear those drying up Zinnias a’callin’.

More later…

About Surfing Hollywood

Steve La Rue is an internationally recognized leader in Film & Television with 20+ years experience as a Development Executive championing such series as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Battlestar Galactica, and Farscape. He writes, blogs, and consults on All Things TransMedia from his home at the beach in Santa Monica, CA, where he balances his life by surfing every damn day.
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