West Coast Edition: Surf’s Up!

John Deere Beach Plow!

John Deere Beach Plow!

7 AM at Ocean Park on Santa Monica Beach

7 AM at Ocean Park on Santa Monica Beach

Good Morning from the West Coast!

Headed to the beach early this morning to photograph the elusive Beach Plow which one only sees first thing in the morning as it plows/rakes the beach making it pristine for the day’s surfers, swimmers, and beachgoers, etc.

The Beach Plow could very well be My Dream Job: Drive Tractor, Rake Sand, Drink Coffee, Listen to NPR, stop to unclog dead body, etc….

Today, about a 100+ swimmers were already in the water (at 7 AM) getting in their morning workout which I find very impressive considering the water is pretty darn chilly (low 60s). I watched them from the beach, hot cup of coffee in hand….not unlike how I start the day at Groundhog Hill.

Enjoying a few weeks of Rest, Recreation & Renewal.

Am thankful for such a wonderful Summer in Kentucky.

More later.


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About GroundHog Hill

Splitting my time between my home in Santa Monica, California, and my hometown of Hodgenville, Kentucky. Spending the summer with my 93-year-young father and writing about our adventures in Summer Gardening for the local newspaper, The La Rue County Herald News. This weekly column is Notes From Groundhog Hill. Groundhog Hill is the name and location of my half-acre flower and vegetable garden which is part of my family farm, Gypsy Acres. My paternal grandfather, Paul E. Enlow, named the hill as such because it was "groundhog heaven." Shawnee Indians used to camp there centuries ago and many arrowheads have been found there while wading in the nearby Main Fork of Nolynn Creek.
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6 Responses to West Coast Edition: Surf’s Up!

  1. Laura says:

    Gland you are getting revitalized. You are missed, though.

  2. Paula Varney says:

    What a beautiful, serene way to start the day! Surely do miss you!

  3. Jana Sturm says:

    California coffee must be better than Kentucky coffee……Miss having you in the Bluegrass State.

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